20 Ways Vista can Improve Your Life

I stumbled upon this article in the testfreaks web site 20 Functions of Vista to Improve Your Life and I really enjoyed it and wanted to share it with you all.

‘After all the hype between Vista versus Mac, some Vista users may feel they missed the best technological innovations of our decade. This is just not so. Mac just has better marketing people. Vista skimped on the marketing budget to make good software. So before you trade in your computer for a Mac, read these tips to learn how Vista can simplify your life, leaving you more free time for its fun and exciting features.’

Below are the 20 plus a link to the best Windows Help and How-to articles on the subject so you can learn a little more about each topic and hopefully improve your expereince

  1. Managing your documents – Working with the documents folder
  2. Getting organised – Create a new folder
  3. Personalise your folders – Working with files and folders
  4. Customise for visual impairment – make the computer easier to see
  5. Teaching your computer to listen – Train your computer to recognise your speech
  6. Recording sound – Record sound
  7. Protecting your files – Back up and restore FAQ
  8. Protecting your kids – What can i control with parental controls
  9. Meetings from your computer  - Setup a meeting using Windows Meeting Space
  10. Movie Maker – Getting started with Windows Movie Maker
  11. Picture perfect – Windows Photo Gallery FAQ
  12. Windows Media Player – Windows Media Player 11
  13. Organising your music – Change how you display items in the Windows Media Player library
  14. Media Guide – Getting started with Windows Media Player
  15. Creating playlists – Create a party play list Demo
  16. Windows Media Center – Get the most out of Media Centre
  17. Internet TV – TV and your computer
  18. Sports – Online fun in Windows Media Center - Sports
  19. Fantasy Sports – Enhancing your sports experience with Windows Media Center Demo
  20. News – Online fun in Windows Media Center – TV and News


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