This PC will do everything that I need

I have been away for a nice long weekend in Yorkshire visiting my Parents (so they could have some Grand Child time) and that Sarah and myself could have some time to ours elves, which we did in the wonderful surroundings of The Devonshire Arms , highly recommended and also the wonderful tasting menu from the Michelin starred restaurant is not to be missed.

So I have been away from PC and work and now catching up on things.  You may have seen the latest Laptop Hunter commercial following on from Lauren? No we have Giampaolo who know what he wants from his PC and has $1,500

Apologise if you have already seen it, but like I say i am catching up a little.

These adds are getting a lot of attention for the whole value Vs branding debate of a typical PC and a typical Mac, and personally I like the concept and the messaging it is trying to get across.  Of course many will disagree but I think it really plays to a lot of the strengths of Windows based machines.

I loved his quote ‘I’don’t want to bay for the brand , I want to pay for the computer’


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  1. just posting up the latest video in the laptop hunters series, this time Jackson and his mum Lisa look

  2. In the latest laptop hunters ad Sheila, a film maker, is looking for a powerful laptop under $2K Sheila

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