Not a PC Lauren would have chosen

The  Moneual, Jewel-covered PC coming in at around 15 20 grand is not a PC that Lauren (from the latest I’m A PC ad) would have chosen…

Moneual Jewel encrusted pc

DVICE: Moneual unveils Korea's most expensive, jewel-covered personal computer

it even makes a Mac look cheap!

Not to my tastes (although it does run Vista) and rather something gaudy that a premiership footballer would own…


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Updated with more accurate exchange rate due to the weakness of the pound!!!

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Comments (3)

  1. domenico says:

    Hey ROB , excuse me OT.

    Lauren fun club on Facebook  check it out 😀

    Enjoy for fun 😀

  2. robmar says:

    Many Thanks Domenico 🙂

  3. domenico says:

    You re Welcome 😀

    We’re a PC!!!


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