Accelerators don’t have to be boring

So hopefully by now you have heard of Accelerators in IE8? well if not read this article most of the time I find them incredibly useful for stuff like mapping and searching.  the kind of stuff you do everyday, but they can also add a little fun and I wanted to share an accelerator that was demo’d to me this morning.

The Entertonement accelerator lets your listen to the sound of text quotes from the Entertonement web site

As with all accelerators you can down load from the IE Addons web site

install the Listen on Entertonement accelerator for IE8

Click the image (or follow this link) to add the accelerator to Internet Explorer.

It is then very simple to use just highlight a piece of text (I chose Monty Python and the Holy Grail) on a web page and then click the blue box, All accelerators and then listen with Entertonement

using Entertonement accelerator

You will then get an accelerator fly out and if there is a matching sound bite in there database you will hear that…


Hope you enjoy, if you find any good soundbites or other fun accelerators please let mw know.

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