Turbo charge your Browser with IE8

My colleague @winlivematt has put up a great article on using Internet Explorer 8 over on the Windows Live channel on MSN UK

TurboCharge your browser IE8


‘Internet Explorer is being touted as being faster than ever before. What do we mean by faster?

IE8 reduces the amount of time that it takes to look up an address, locate a site you have visited a few hours or a few days ago and compare products.

With so many add-ons purring contentedly underneath its hood, IE8 puts cool functionality at tantalising touching distance. You won't even notice you're carrying out the most common of tasks’

It is a really good read and well worth a look as Mat also talks about the improved search and redesigned tabs.




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  1. yavinfour says:

    I agree to that. IE8 is really better than its older versions.

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