Are iPhones really progress?

a rock vs an iPhone vs a HTC Touch HD

Rob – awaits the flames

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  1. skc says:

    Well, the difference is that the iPhone is a pleasure to use and to look at, the HTC is not. That’s a critical difference thats resulting in Windows Mobile hemorhaging marketshare month after month.

    I like WinMob, but face it, this game is already over.

  2. Rob Margel says:

    skc – I have not actually used the HTC touch HD, in what ways is it not good to use?

    I understand the point about a pleasure to look at and peoples tipping point between form and function though…

  3. sarahmorgan2001 says:

    We’re a big Microsoft Gold Training Partner and I’m the only one left of the managers and directors still using a WinMo device. Everyone else has switched to iPhone. Loath to admit it but with the new 3.0 release the Stone/iPhone/HTC picture will be out of date.

  4. Really neat and objective video from comparing the latest iphone and an early version of

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