30 New IE8 help articles

Yesterday I mentioned that we have some new (30) Windows help and how-to articles that have been developed specifically for Internet Explorer 8.  However below is the full list to each article in case you  needed them:

  1. Customize your Favorites bar
  2. Find text and other information on a webpage
  3. How can I select text and move around a webpage with my keyboard?
  4. How do I prevent programs from changing my default search provider?
  5. How does Internet Explorer help protect me from cross-site scripting attacks?
  6. How does SmartScreen Filter help protect my computer from malicious or phishing websites?
  7. How to get the latest Internet Explorer Help
  8. InPrivate: frequently asked questions
  9. Internet Explorer 8 at a glance
  10. Internet Explorer 8 Information bar: frequently asked questions
  11. Internet Explorer 8 keyboard shortcuts
  12. Internet Explorer Developers tools: recommended links
  13. Open tabs you've previously closed
  14. Preview the appearance of a printed webpage in Internet Explorer 8
  15. Reset Internet Explorer 8 settings
  16. Security and privacy features in Internet Explorer 8
  17. Show or hide the Favorites bar in Internet Explorer 8
  18. SmartScreen Filter: frequently asked questions_IE8
  19. SmartScreen Filter: Information for administrators and website owners-IE8
  20. Suggested Sites: frequently asked questions
  21. Tabbed browsing in Internet Explorer 8: frequently asked questions
  22. Tabs, Accelerators, and InPrivate Browsing: recommended links
  23. Using Accelerators to find addresses, define words, and do other tasks with selected text
  24. Using the Internet Explorer 8 Add-on Manager
  25. Web Slices: frequently asked questions
  26. What are Internet Explorer styles?
  27. What is InPrivate Browsing?
  28. What is the favorites bar?
  29. What's the risk of letting websites open programs on my computer?
  30. Why don't some websites display correctly in Internet Explorer 8?


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Comments (3)

  1. Michael farwest@runbox.com says:

    A vexing browser tab issue that I've not seen explained anywhere:  I set the home page to blank (because I don't want IE to hang on opening, trying to connect to a web page that is temporarily unavailable).  Then, any time I attempt to open a new tab (not as a result of clicking a link, just opening a blank tab), IE delays and the tab indicates "Connecting".  Connecting to about:blank is superfluous – it doesn't need to connect to anything.  This behavior does not occur in Firefox – in that browser, a tab just opens right away upon user request.  How can IE be tweaked to not attempt to "connect" to a blank page?  It should just open the tab immediately.  I cannot imagine why Microsoft has not fixed this yet.

  2. robmar says:

    Michael – to be honest i am not sure, I will see what i canfind out, although cannot promise anything

    I know with IE9 it shows the very funky "your most popular sites"


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