What’s your phone style?

Not sure which windows mobile phone is right for you ? then try this latest web site http://www.whatsmyphonestyle.com from Windows Mobile.

When I went through the site it said my style was

I'm always in control  on a good day, success means a leisurely game of tennis or lazing at the swimming pool.  At other times, you’re travel;ling for a project and meeting challenging deadlines.  Work or play, Windows Mobile puts you firmly in the driver’s seat’


Whats your phone style

and the phone it chose for me was the HTC Touch Viva which looks a nice little device.

HTC touch Viva

Go through the site and let me know what type of phone fits your style 🙂


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  1. Sunshine says:

    I’m connected to work and play, on my terms. You are passionate about your work and your life and success comes naturally to you. While travelling for work and meeting challenging deadlines or pampering yourself at the spa or in the midst of partying with friends, staying connected is important to you. Work or play, a Windows Mobile phone puts you firmly in the driving seat.

    Phone it chose: Asus M930.

    This one looks (not compared specs) quite a bit like the phone I have atm (nope, not a Windows phone 🙁 ), a Sony Ericsson C902.

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