Business week article on the Windows 7 UAC

Just wanted to point out this short article from Business Week

Business week


A Blog Helps Microsoft Get a Key Win 7 Feature Right – BusinessWeek

I am more interested in the how a dialogue between a company and  its customers via a blog if done well and acted upon can make a huge difference from not only an image perspective but also improving a product, rather than the details of the UAC discussion itself.

‘It’s fascinating to watch how the use of corporate blogs, when used for dialog rather than propaganda, can change the way business decisions are made, generally for the better. A good case in point is how Microsoft finally decided to fix a bone-headed design decision in Windows 7. The significance goes well beyond the technical issues involved.’

I think it shows that Microsoft gets blogging and it gets listening to customers.  I am sure we don’t do it perfectly everytime, but can you image this happening a few years ago? and if there had been this dialogue for Windows Vista would it have ended up being different?


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