Toshiba TG01 Windows Mobile Phone

Ok so I still the love the idea of an Alloy 01 phone, however will it ever see the light of day? But recent reviews of the Toshiba TG01 phone are making me a little bit exited that finally there is a really really cool Windows Mobile phone that the fanboys might look at with a little envy, especially if you can live without mutlitouch…

Electricpig have a really good review highlighting the key features of the Toshiba phone, and it certainly ticks the boxes in terms of neat gadgetness and performance.

Toshiba TG01 Pictures

Processor speed
The Snapdragon 1GHz processor makes every other
smartphone look as slow as an arthritic tortoise. This will need to become a standard in all phones very quickly, or Toshiba will be up there with Samsung and Nokia, gunning for number one spot.

The W-VGA screen packs in more pixels than almost any other handset out there, and makes full frame web browsing a real possibility, since even tiny text is legible.

Screen size
4.1 inches? That’s almost a third the size of the
iPhone’s display again. It’s absolutely huge. You could probably build on it and call it a studio apartment and nobody would notice. At the very least, you’ll be able to watch videos more than comfortably on the train, which is where the TG01’s DivX support will also come in handy.

Operating System
Yes, it’s Windows Mobile, but we’ve never seen it looking so sharp - check out the menus Toshiba has grafted on in place of Microsoft’s stardard interface in our
photo gallery. And who knows, the TG01 might even be able to run Windows Mobile 6.5 when it arrives.’

I would be more than happy to test drive one synch to Windows 7 😉


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