A week of using the Microsoft Arc Mouse

I have been using the Microsoft Arc mouse now for a week and thought I would pop down my thoughts and feedback on it.

Microsoft Arc Mouse

Things I like about it

  • The overall physical product design is great, and as it is different to most mice. You get a lot of questions about it wherever you use it, even internally at Microsoft.
  • It feels great in your hand and the top covering provides just the right amount of feeling back into the hand
  • The super tiny usb receiver that also sticks (magnetised) into a little section when not in use.
  • The folding leg to reduce size when travelling is very tidy and feels very sturdy
  • It glides over every surface I have tried effortlessly, more than previous mice
  • The little pouch carry case is a nice little extra to keep it all tidy when dumped into your laptop bag
  • It worked with Windows 7 with no problems

Things I think can be improved

  • I am sure I am going to break the battery holder after a couple of uses, it looks a little flimsy to me and bends a lot when opening
  • The feedback left and right on the scroll wheel isn’t great, certainly not as good as previous scroll wheel mice I have used
  • After the first use my wrist was a little sore, which i put down to a slightly different position compared to the previous mouse, however this has gone away as I get used to it and change my arm/hand posture to compensate.
  • The packaging could I think be reduced and made easier to get into

Overall it is a pretty good mouse, it ticks all the boxes as well as looking fantastic which counts a lot to me and will probably be on my desk for some time to come.


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