E650 and Windows 7

Here is a quick tip, if you are running the Windows 7 Beta and are having problem connecting your E650 phone, getting errors such as Device Driver was not successfully installed

E650 and windows 7 device driver software was not succesully installed

then try downloading the Mobile Device Center 6.1, although it claims that

‘The Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1 is only supported on Windows Vista.’

It seems to work, although you may want to make any backups before doing so.

Download the software and then connect the phone through the USB-Mini usb cable, unlock it and follow the screens to set it up.

setup your device 1. setup your device
what kind of items do you want to sync 2. Choose what kinds of items you want to sync

- Contacts
- Calendar
- Email
- Tasks
- Mobile Favourites
- Files
- One Note

enter in your details 3. Enter in your email server and account details if appropriate
connect to your exchange server 4. Connect to your exchange server
all setup and ready to sync 5. all setup and ready to Sync
syncing your mobile phone 6. and syncing…
device connected 7. Connected and now you can use the device

Hope that helps if you are having problems


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Comments (2)

  1. Pareen says:

    Works with Samsung i780 too..

    Thanks! 🙂

  2. Robert says:

    Hi Rob, thanks!

    I got this to work on my HTC/T-Mobile Dash with WinMo 6.1.

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