Twitter use in the UK growing rapidly

There was a lot of coverage of Twitter traffic overtaking Digg earlier this week well in the UK traffic has grown rapidly according to Hitwise in the last 12 months:

twitter growth in UK

Twitter use in the UK explodes by ten times says Hitwise

I don’t think that me getting into Twitter in October is the main cause of the massive increase seen in the last few months. But rather the celebs that are tweeting…

Famous Twitterers are boosting the site. Stephen Fry, has over 50,000 followers, John Cleese can claim more than 30,000, and 2,000 people are following Andy Murray’s progress at the Australian Open. Jonathan Ross (13,000+ followers) is spreading the Twitter religion by verifying if his celeb pals are on it. He calls himself the “Number One Twitter Detective’

I am not a big follower of celebs on Twitter, in fact the only ones I follow are

  1. Lance Armstrong
  2. Rhodri Marsden


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  1. Following on from my post a few weeks ago about twitter growth in the uk growing rapidly is now this

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