Top Windows 7 Quotes

I had this sent to me today and I thought you might all like to see them, personally I love Joe Wilcox's quote the most.

“This first beta of Windows 7 is a polished piece of work, with few apparent kinks to be worked out. Windows 7 is much further along at this beta stage than Windows Vista was at a similar point.”

-          Preston Gralla/Computerworld


“All in all, Windows 7 is shaping up well. It's a far more modest release than Vista was, but it's no worse for that. The new OS introduces a compelling combination of welcome innovations and much-needed polish, and that's exactly what Microsoft needs right now. Vista's foundation was solid, and Windows 7 just makes it better.”

-          Peter Bright/ArsTechnica


“I’ve been working with the Windows 7 beta for several weeks, and I like it a lot. It feels snappier and more responsive than Windows Vista.”


-          Dwight Silverman/Houston Chronicle


"Without a doubt, the first beta edition of the Windows 7 operation system indicates that Microsoft is on the right track to shore up many of the perceived flaws of Windows Vista… And at its heart, Windows 7’s greatly improved emphasis on workflow and organization makes the operating system much more palatable for heavy-duty users used to operating with a large number of open windows and applications"

-          Andrew Garcia/eWEEK


Microsoft's next OS is looking like Vista done right, with a smaller disk and memory footprint, faster startup, and fewer annoyances. We shouldn't see the kind of hardware incompatibilities encountered with the first version of Vista, since 7 uses much of the kernel code from the previous OS. Still, users who cling to XP will have a bigger adjustment interface-wise than those who moved to Vista.


-          Michael Muchmore/PC Magazine


“As for performance, I think Microsoft is going to surprise people. And if you're working for an enterprise that hasn't upgraded to Vista because it won't run acceptably on your existing PCs, you'll want to look again at Windows 7.”


-          Paul Thurrott/Supersite for Windows


"We mentioned the Problem Steps Recorder blackbox error reporting app back in our Win 7 Giz Explains, but it wasn't until I tried it for myself that I saw just how amazing it is."

-          Jason Chen/Gizmodo


“I'm actually having fun using Seven, something I haven't said about a Microsoft operating system since Windows 95.”

-          Joe Wilcox/MicrosoftWatch


‘Windows 7 seems to be much improved than Windows Vista in lots of areas and the beta clearly shows that Microsoft has indeed taken users feedback on Vista seriously.”

-          Chandran Chakkaradeep/ Neowin


“Microsoft has taken a disciplined approach to planning, building and delivering Windows 7 (and planning is already underway for Windows 8); this may lack the flamboyance of previous versions but if Microsoft can maintain the quality of the beta, Windows 7 could indeed be the best version of Windows yet."


-          Mary Branscomb/Financial Times



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