Shortcut Keys in Windows Seven 7

Following on from my updated list of Windows Vista Shortcut keys (which all seem to work in Windows 7 as far as I can tell) I have shamelessly copied a list of Windows 7 Shortcut keys from Mintywhite (aka Windows guides)

Windows Key + left arrow = dock window to the left hand side of the screen

Windows Key + right arrow = dock window to the right-hand side of the screen

Windows Key + SHIFT + Left arrow = Move the current window one monitor to the left

Windows Key + SHIFT + right arrow =  Move the current window one monitor to the right

Windows Key + up arrow = maximise current window

Windows Key + down arrow = Minimize current window

Windows Key and Home = Minimize/maximise non-active windows

Windows Key and numbers  = Launch programs from the taskbar

Windows Key and Space = Enable Aero Peek

Windows Key and P = open projector mode to change external display settings

Windows Key + T Jump to the taskbar to select a new windows with <β€”or –> and Enter

CTRL + Left Click = Use on taskbar items to switch between windows of that program only

Shift and Left click = use on taskbar items to open another instance of that program

any more let me know

updated 10 Feb 2009

ALT + P β€“ brings up the Page drop down in IE and also in windows explorer toggles the file preview pane

Windows Key + E = opens Windows Explorer

CTRL + SHIFT + CLICK = lunch an app with full admin rights 

Updated 23 Feb 2009

Probably the complete, official and correct list from the Windows7 Blog


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  1. chrisNova says:

    for those of you sadly missing your Winkey + E Shortcut to bring up the explorer window — you will be enlightened and delighted to know that this functionality has not been replaced by The Libraries window but rather moved over to CTRL – ALT – E – which will now bring up your explorer window with my computer view, showing your harddrives.. slightly different key stroke.. same beloved functionality. Enjoy! took me a few to figure out!

  2. robmar says:

    Thanks for that Chris πŸ™‚

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