MSN Mobile Music Store

Just before the holidays MSN Mobile Music Store was launched in the U.K. where you can buy such things as ringtones, full track downloads and music videos from the likes of EMI, Warner, SONY  etc…

MSN Mobile Music Store UK

To access the service: Text ‘MSN’ to 63463 and you will receive an SMS with a link to the MSN Mobile site. Once you are at the site, save the URL in your bookmarks, or as your home page if your device allows.

I have not tried it yet myself but it is on my list of things to do

MSN Mobile UK

however I do think the MSN guys need to update the image which shows a device with a stock ticker showing the FTSE at 6,210.20

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FTSE stock quote

which according to Yahoo hasn’t closed at that price since 19 May 2008


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