Top 20 highest rated Windows Help articles for 2008

Since starting this blog I have occasionally posted about highly rated articles on the Windows Help and How-to web site, such as here and here. So I thought as it was the start of the new year to look back a little and  do a quick summary of the top 20 highest ranking articles for all of 2008, based on your feedback:

  1. Home and small office networking: recommended links
  2. Additional information for IT Pros
  3. Traffic (definition)
  4. Trapped on tape: Transferring audio from cassettes to your computer
  5. Certificates: frequently asked questions
  6. Convert your old photos to digital pictures: Using a scanner to archive your memories digitally
  7. Toss out those VHS tapes: Save your home videos to DVD
  8. Introduction to computers
  9. Understanding Windows automatic updating
  10. Delete your Internet cookies
  11. Sharing photos with your friends and family
  12. Tips for comfortable computing
  13. Show or hide the Recycle Bin
  14. Creating photo panoramas with Windows Live Photo Gallery
  15. Digital photos and videos made easy with Windows Live Photo Gallery
  16. Demo: What's new with finding and organizing files?
  17. DJ for a day: Mixing music using Windows Media Player
  18. What is disk defragmentation?
  19. Don't take the bait! Internet Explorer 7 tools help you recognize phishing scams
  20. Demo: Smart ways to turn off your computer


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  1. Yesterday I posted about the top 20 highest rated articles on Windows Help and How-to   So I thought

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