Even Santa is on Twitter

Well the NORAD one “The official page of NORAD Tracks Santa, providing up-to-the-minute information on Santa’s journey” Thanks to Danny on searchengineland for the tip and more than comprehensive article on the Tracking Santa topic Rob Technorati Tags: Track santa,Twitter

Windows 7 the Swiss way

These are too funny to pass up. “Windows 7 is designed to simplify your everyday tasks, work the way you want, and make new things possible.” This one is my favourite 🙂 Thanks to Alessa (my boss) for the spot Rob Technorati Tags: Windows 7,Swiss

2 New articles on getting the most from Windows Live Movie Maker

Just wanted to point out these 2 great articles about Windows Live Movie Maker which I am guessing will be something that you might be using over the holiday period. Turn your old video into digital memories using Windows Live Movie Maker “Do you have a lot of old home movies stuck on old analog…

Problems with power consumption and battery life in Windows Vista?

Then use this latest Microsoft Fix-it  to… “Automatically detect system settings that can affect power usage, such as timeout and sleep settings, display settings, and screensavers, and restore them to their default settings. “ it fixes such things as: Period of time before the computer goes to sleep is set too long Screen saver is…

Popular Social Networks Around the World – Part II

Back in June I pointed out the great work by Vincenzo who had plotted a visualisation of the Favourite Social Network by Country, well he has now updated it. (Click for larger map) Interesting to see the ‘colonization of the world’ by Facebook as compared to June. Rob Technorati Tags: Facebok,social networks

Avatar Windows 7 Theme

One film I want to see over Christmas / new year is Avatar which looks superb However if you want to get some Avatar on your Windows 7 PC you can download the Avatar Windows 7 Theme from the personalization gallery. Rob Technorati Tags: Avatar,theme,Windows 7

I’m a PC in 6 Indian languages via the Microsoft Indic Language Input Tool

Just wanted to point out this great new language tool from Microsoft India – Microsoft Indic Language Input Tool “Microsoft Indic Language Input Tool helps you enter Indian language text easily into any application in Microsoft Windows or on any page on the Web. The primary input mechanism is transliteration. Additionally, it provides a visual…

A Day in the Internet

  A Day in the Internet – thoughtstream Via @kcarruthers Rob Technorati Tags: internet,facebook,twitter


Internet Explorer 8 for Play.com

Hot on the heels of the Tesco customised IE8 news  from earlier this month is play.com customised Internet Explorer 8 Download Internet Explorer 8 for Play.com Nice job with features such as search suggestions, visual top sellers and an accelerator. Rob Technorati Tags: IE8,play.com

Super visualisation of browser market share

  http://www.axiis.org/examples/BrowserMarketShare.html Love the way where if you hover over a section you see the data. I am guessing this is just for the web site highlighted on the page. Thanks to Andrei for the link. Rob Technorati Tags: axiis,visualisation