More 100% rated articles on Windows Help and How-to

Back in July I highlighted 12 Windows Help and how-to articles that had been given a 100% positive rating.  Well I thought it was about time I did the exercise again, and below are the 18 articles that have been given only positive ratings since that date:

  1. Remote administration for IT Pros
  2. Create a professional photo album today
  3. What's new in Windows Vista Enterprise
  4. Home and small office networking: recommended links
  5. What's the difference between BitLocker Drive Encryption and Encrypting File System?
  6. Security checklist
  7. Windows Starter registration: frequently asked questions
  8. Learn more about BitLocker Drive Encryption
  9. Make a Windows SideShow-compatible device more secure
  10. Tour the world from your chair with Live Search and 3D Maps
  11. Using 3D Maps to share your GPS information
  12. Track items in a Journal note using flags
  13. Traffic (definition)
  14. Honoring someone special: Create a website to remember a friend or family member
  15. Voice meter (definition)
  16. Subscribe (definition)
  17. Plan a vacation using Windows Live Spaces
  18. Moiré pattern (definition)

the same caveats as last time:

  1. This was for English content so not just UK.
  2. All the articles had very little traffic and ratings when compared to some others.
  3. Data taken from 1st Jan 2008.


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  1. Since starting this blog I have occasionally posted about highly rated articles on the Windows Help and

  2. Every now and then I post up a list of all the articles that have been rated helpful by everyone who

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