Buy Microsoft Software and the NSPCC gets 15%

Ages ago I mentioned the Microsoft Store in the UK, well now there is a special promotion on that if you buy Microsoft Windows Vista or Office 2007, then 15% of the purchase price (minus VAT) will be donated to the NSPCC.  For more details see . Offer ends 31st December 2008

Buy Windows Vista or Office and 15% goes to the NSPCC

By choosing Microsoft Store to make your purchases of Microsoft Office and Windows Vista this Christmas, you will contribute towards achieving the NSPCC's vision to ending child cruelty. When you visit Microsoft Store from this site Microsoft will donate 15% from the purchase price at no extra cost to you to the NSPCC Child's Voice Appeal

Thanks to Mark for the tip Unified Communications @ Microsoft : Microsoft Store and NSPCC – Your way to spend Microsoft’s money


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  1. I have talked about the Microsoft Store in the past a few times here (launch) and here (for the NSPCC

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