The perfect mobile phone? The Alloy 01 Phone

Nick over at MSN tech and gadgets has a great feature about the perfect mobile phone.  Which is a collaboration between T3 and design company The Alloy.

The Alloy P1 hone

The phone incorporates technology that is all available today so it could be made, and if it end up looking like this it could be the phone to have…

The perfect mobile phone – I really love the idea of the mini phone that slides out the back, especially in conjunction with the wireless ear phones that are included in the design, although I cannot see what OS it will use…

You can see more about the 01 phone at and you can even join a campaign to get the 01 into production at


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  1. Ok so I still the love the idea of an Alloy 01 phone , however will it ever see the light of day? But

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