Favourite Social Network by country

So you might have thought Facebook and Myspace rule the world , well maybe not…

highest ranking social netwrok by country


The data shows the highest ranking social network for each country by traffic, not members, page views or any other method

Data was taken from alexa.com on 16th Oct 2008

Alexa data comes from users who have the Alexa toolbar as well as “data obtained from other, diverse traffic data sources” – Alexa.com

Countries in grey do not have data available and for a few countries it was difficult to identify local social networks and therefore were omitted from the map.

It’s not perfect so let me know of any errors or suggestions www.oxyweb.co.uk/blog


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  1. P Mack says:

    Another one for the list- http://www.foom.com.

    foom.com is a new UK based social networking site.

    foom connects you with people from your favourite bars, pubs and clubs or from where you work or go to college.

  2. I spotted this as an update to an earlier post  Favourite Social Network By Country is this updated

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