Britain’s Bloodhound car could reach 1,000mph

Bloodhund SSC  I have always been fascinated by speed and the land speed records in particular, the cars, the men that attempted them and the stories around them. 

Men like Sir Donald Campbell, Henry Segrave, John Cobb etc. are true heroes.

So I spotted this with great interest on last nights news at 10

‘If all goes to plan, Bloodhound SSC will break the land speed record by the largest ever margin, and, in 40 seconds of breathtaking thrust, inspire thousands of British school children to take science A levels’

Britain's Bloodhound car could reach 1,000mph - Times Online

Wikipedia has a full list of the Land Speed Record holders as you would expect


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  1. Sumo says:

    Check out

    the Americans are trying hard for it too, they’ve got the car that in the air has travelled at mach II and want it badly. They have got Chuck Yeager’s plane, the very one he did nearly 2,000 mph in and have basically shorn the wings off and installed wheels. Looks like the Thrust SSC versus Craig Breedlove fight again. Come on the Brits!

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