I’m a PC Tablet PC doodle

 I'm a tablet PC doodle

So I had a few minutes to kill waiting for a meeting to start and I had OneNote open on my TabletPC and started to doodle and inspired by the I’m a PC marketing campaign that launched in the UK last week I doodled this up...

Ok so I won’t win any artistic prizes but it killed a couple of minutes so thought I would share.

Unlike a lot of my fellow co-workers I really love my TabletPC (a Toshiba Tecra M7).  Ok so it is a bit of a brick, has poor battery life and isn’t the fastest of machines, although I have got mine tweaked heavily and is better than it was… But I love using the stylus for not only taking notes but also as an alternative to the scratch pad which I have never got on with in the past.  In fact it gets commented on in meetings here at Microsoft many times that I am the only person they have seen using the stylus to work the machine.

If you have used TabletPC on XP and want to know what the improvements are with Vista then try the following http://windowshelp.microsoft.com/Windows/en-GB/Help/c0b768fc-3117-478f-a143-8f3a91081d1a1033.mspx

Updated to add – if you are wondering what i am going on about see Steve Claytons recent posting



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  1. Bridget says:

    So I’m debating a tablet PC (Lenova X61 or X200) and asked at my local Best Buy whether I could doodle – – and save the Doodle – – in onenote – – to be met with blank stares!

    So I can doodle? it won’t try to convert to text! And I can save – – info in a response would be a wonderful help!

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