Discover Windows Vista – new windows web site highlight #1

As mentioned yesterday I am going to do a short series of some of the new content to be found on the redesigned Windows site in the UK.  First up is an updated and improved section on Discovering Windows Vista which gives a very great intro to what you can actually do with Windows Vista

discover windows vista

This part of the web site rolls up some of the major scenarios or themes of what you can do with Windows such as Sharing Photos or Keeping in Touch, and if you subsequently drill down you can find deeper and richer content about each topic illustrating how you can get the most out of Windows.

Also as you navigate across the tabs you can watch over 15 videos and also read a number of fun but informative pages such as

Top 10 things you can do with Windows Vista - Just learning about Windows Vista? Here are 10 cool things you’ll want to try right away.


100 reasons you’ll be speechless - See the features you’ve always wanted from your PC—all brought together in Windows Vista.


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  1. Carrying on from yesterdays post talking about the new parts of the UK Windows website… Find out about

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