New Windows Site in the UK

The project that has been keeping me very busy recently has been the launch of the Windows site in the UK  which we rolled out in conjunction with the UK version of I’m a PC campaign, which you will have spotted if you watch the X Factor on Saturday.

So you will notice our new homepage

new windows web site design

as well as a totally redesign web site of all the Windows content such as our Windows Vista pages, to be in line with the corporate Windows site I blogged about a while back

new windows vista site design

Over the next few days I plan to share and highlight some of the new content and features, but for now if you want to see relive the UK  advert watch the video below:

as always love to hear any comments or feedback you have on the new design, or any problems you may have found.


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  1. As mentioned yesterday I am going to do a short series of some of the new content to be found on the

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