Windows Vista Shortcut Keys

Shamelessly copied from  The WinVista Club here is a great list of all the Shortcut keys in Windows Vista

WinKey - Open and close the Start Menu

WinKey + D - Minimize all windows to the desktop. Press again to reverse action

WinKey + E - Open Computer in Windows Explorer

WinKey + L - Lock the computer

WinKey + F - Open the Search window to find files and folders

WinKey + M - Minimise all windows

WinKey + Shift + M - Maximise all windows after minimizing them

WinKey + R - Open the Run dialog box

WinKey + X - Open Windows Mobility Center

WinKey + E  - Open Windows Explorer

WinKey + Tab  - Activates Flip 3D. Use mouse wheel to cycle windows

WinKey + U  - Open Ease Of Access Center

WinKey + Pause  - Opens the Systems Properties dialog box

WinKey + F1  - Opens Windows Help & Support

WinKey + B - Sets focus on the Task bar, Allows navigation using arrow keys; opens applications on pressing Enter key.

Updated 24 Sept 2008

Winkey + Space – shows all the sidebar and desktop gadgets

Updated 01 Oct 2008 - found this by mistake!

Winkey + S – Create a screen clipping and send to Microsoft OneNote

Updated 15 Jan 2009

For the full list try this Windows Help and how-to article Keyboard shortcuts


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  1. Following on from my updated list of Windows Vista Shortcut keys (which all seem to work in Windows 7

  2. Carol says:

    How can I make an icon so that my user can double click on it and have everything happen, instead of them having to go to here and there to use the Blackberry Phone as modem.  Is there a program that can create one of these shortcuts here mentioned.  I have Windows Vista.


  3. robmar says:

    Carol – if you contat me directly I will see what i can do to help although I am not sure what you are trying to do at the minute

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