Armenian Windows Vista LIP now available

If you like your Windows Vista in Armenian, then you can download the latest Windows Vista Language Interface Pack (LIP) now: Click here to download the Armenian Vista LIP. Rob   Technorati Tags: Armenian Windows Vista LIP


Latest I’m a PC video with User generated content

All user generated I believe from some of the more than 17,000 photos and videos uploaded at Nice to see some of the more odd ones as well More info from the Advertising age Rob Technorati Tags: Im a PC


‘Best Windows Customization Website’ Competition

Thanks to Vishal for pointing out this competition over on the Windows Guides ‘Best Windows Customization Website’ Competition ‘If you run a blog/website/forum, which focuses on Windows customization, you are eligible to participate. If you run a website that focuses on other areas, you will be eligible if your website has substantial content aimed at…


Surfing the internet "alters your brain"

Spotted this article on The Independent, maybe all that surfing will be of value in the end? or is it just those that like finding new information and solving problems naturally come to the top anyway.  Is surfing just another method to do that? ‘The Internet is not just changing the way people live but…


Loving the PDC2008 Blog Bling

  Just wandering around the PDC 2008 web site and came across the Blog Bling page.  There is even some bling for those left behind 🙂 PDC2008 | Social | Bling           Rob Technorati Tags: PDC2008


Watching the PDC remotely

Well being unable (uninvited) to get there in person doesn’t mean I cannot watch and enjoy the PDC keynotes.  Just go to and watch them live, like me back in blightly Starts in 5 minutes apparently!! or you can use the following links to watch in Media Player Live Video: Ray Ozzie Keynote Chief…


Another Windows7 Blog

Well my last post was about a Windows 7 blog for developers and now there is another one The Windows7 Blog  – by Abhishek Baxi I am expecting more and more Windows 7 blogs in the near future … Rob Technorati Tags: Windows 7


The Windows 7 Blog for Developers

I am not a developer, well maybe somewhere in the very dark past, but anyway thought I would highlight this new blog. The Windows 7 Blog for Developers ‘…this blog will be a “one stop shop” on the road to get yourself familiar with what Windows 7 has to offer for developers and how you…


Favourite Social Network by country

So you might have thought Facebook and Myspace rule the world , well maybe not… ‘The data shows the highest ranking social network for each country by traffic, not members, page views or any other method Data was taken from on 16th Oct 2008 Alexa data comes from users who have the Alexa…


Britain’s Bloodhound car could reach 1,000mph

  I have always been fascinated by speed and the land speed records in particular, the cars, the men that attempted them and the stories around them.  Men like Sir Donald Campbell, Henry Segrave, John Cobb etc. are true heroes. So I spotted this with great interest on last nights news at 10 ‘If all…