I really like the MSN UK Viewer site

One of my homepages for IE is http://uk.msn.com, and this morning when I launched my browser I was offered to try Viewer.

…a new way to explore MSN UK. It’s a trial using Microsoft’s new Silverlight technology,  We hope you like it.’


Kudos tot he team at MSN UK for doing something a little different, I am sure not everyone will like it, but on first glance I think it is pretty good. I am going to spend some time looking at it in more detail and posting feedback to http://msn-viewer.spaces.live.com/


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  1. In an attempt to provide an enhanced, fresh, new browsing experience, MSN UK created Viewer . Viewer

  2. g. townsend says:

    I have e-mailed my son each week for 6 years, but since your new (unrecognisable) ‘improvement’, not one of my e-mails has been received by any contact. It is essential that I can be in touch with my son as he is disabled.

    On one occasion he only received my address, otherwise none of my contacts have received my mail.

    I type the message and click on send mail as I always have done. What is going wrong?

  3. robmar says:

    Hi G.townsend , are you based in the UK?

    best first place for MSN support is http://help.uk.msn.com/

    or you can email me direct from the email link in the top left and I will see if I can help, but it is not my area of speciality


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