OT – Windows Cling Pictures confusion

Ok so it is Monday morning, but I get loads of email over the weekend from all over the world, and my usual work pattern is to give the titles a quick scan and delete the majority!!! and then start to look at the ones that appear more important that are left.

This morning I had an email from Amazon.co.uk telling me that a new product was available called ‘Windows Cling Pictures’.  Thinking that this was maybe a new product around pictures or images in Windows, or a new book that I might be interested in, I right-clicked to download the pictures to find out  that no it wasn’t anything to do with Microsoft Windows but rather a product from Crayola for painting physical glass windows.

nothing to do with Microsoft WindowsIt made me smile for my faux-pas…

But it looks like it is going to be a long week ahead for me, and I am heading down to Starbucks for an extra shot Americano to get my brain in gear

Hopefully the next set of postings will be more on topic.



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