Norfolk Panoramas

Last week I was away on holiday in North Norfolk which is a very beautiful part of the British Isles and whilst visiting various sandy and stoney beaches I managed to shoot a number of panorama shots of Cley Windmill at dusk:

cley windmill


cley windmill2 

Both where shot with my trusty old Sony DSC V1 camera in auto mode, and both feature Sarah and Felix on the right hand side. Click on the images to get  a bigger image, and of you want a copy of the originals (2Mb) then let me know:)

If you are wondering how I created these by auto stitching 4 images together look at this and then download Windows Live Photo Gallery for free


Ps I am still on holiday for another week but will try and get some more panoramas 🙂

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  1. Last week we brought you Kylie – who at 4 1/2 was using Windows Photo Gallery, well now in the latest

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