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I actually work in the Windows product group, as the Windows International Site Manager for the UK in a sub group called Windows International Online  phew that was a bit of a mouthful.  Although I do not work directly on Windows 7 it is an exciting time to be in the Windows product group, with all the interest in this major next release of Windows.

The blog is going to be about the story behind the engineering/making of Windows 7, told by the members of the development team.

Hopefully it will be great blog with some interesting posts and discussions.

The first, welcome blog posting is up

The audience of enthusiasts, bloggers, and those that are the most passionate about Windows represent the folks we are dedicating this blog to. With this blog we’re opening up a two-way discussion about how we are making Windows 7. Windows has all the challenges of every large scale software project—picking features, designing them, developing them, and delivering them with high quality. Windows has an added challenge of doing so for an extraordinarily diverse set of customers. As a team and as individuals on the team we continue to be humbled by this responsibility."


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  1. Ruben Casillas says:


    I just wanted to let you know, that Virtual Server 2005 SP1 R2 it’s incompatible with Windows 7 RC. I had to uninstall it from my Computer in order to upgrade from Vista to Windows 7.

    Like me, there are a lot of people that use this application for running a non production network (LAN) to test patches and critical updates and Drivers.

    And everybody knows that most of the Microsoft certification labs run using Virtual Server.

    Hopefully the Windows 7 engineering team will find a solution to this situation.

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