Windows Vista top 10 tips and tricks

Windows Vista top 10 tricks 

I am always on the hunt for great content for Windows Vista and just stumbled upon this download (xps, pdf versions) and you can read all the detail there...

  1. Overall security: Windows Security Center...
  2. Windows Defender: Scan on Execute...
  3. Bitlocker: Disk encryption
  4. Automated Backup: Windows Backup and Restore Center
  5. Instant Search: Looking for specific applications, Web sites and emails...
  6. Integrated Search: Save Search
  7. Aero: Premium user experience
  8. Mobility: Be productive on the go
  9. Meeting Space: face to face collaborations
  10. XPS: new archiving format

well if you read the document you get 2 bonus tips and tricks making it 12 really: 11. Share a folder or file directly from your PC and 12. PC performance.

XPS link =

PDF link =

Rob 🙂

updated with correct xps link 🙂

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