Windows Vista® Performance and Tuning

Download this latest guide to improve performance of Windows Vista ‘quickly and easily’

Download details: Windows Vista® Performance and Tuning

including topics related to Windows Search, power management and more...

This guide focuses on performance improvements on a single computer, but also takes a look at some of the tools used in enterprise environments to help make performance tuning manageable on a much larger scale’

Windows Vista and SP1 focus on delivering greater performance and overall system responsiveness. By striking a balance between speed and responsiveness, Windows Vista and SP1 deliver a level of performance that has the greatest positive impact on the system’s usability.This guide looks at the following areas of performance improvement:

• Making configuration changes that help a computer feel more responsive when you use it.
• Using hardware to boost the actual physical speed of a computer.
• Making configuration changes that help a computer to start faster.
• Making the computer more reliable may help increase performance.
• Monitoring performance occasionally so that you can stop problems before they get too big
Thanks to Annad over on the WindowsVistaClub for the spot 🙂
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