Georgian Windows Vista LIP now available.

If you like your Windows Vista in Georgian then you can download* the new Windows Georgian Language Interface pack (LIP):

Click here to download the Georgian Vista LIP

*Please Note A font-enabling package must be installed prior to installing the Vista LIP package. This font package contains important font update information that is required to view your language correctly. To install the font package, click here: Install font package.


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Comments (3)

  1. Another day another Language Interface Pack (LIP), this time the Windows Vista Telegu (the official language

  2. leo says:

    This is NOT complete LIP, even interface itself is about 30 translated, plus its not working for Vista 64

    most of the laptops coming out in 2009 will be vista 64, so this LIP is pretty much useless, unless it has vista 64 support as well.

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