100% rated articles on Windows Help and How-to

Of all the 2300+ articles and demos on the Windows Help and How-to site there are 12 that have been given a 100% positive rating*, fro the Was it helpful? at the bottom of every page

Was this helpful

  1. What is the difference between BitLocker Drive Encryption 128-bit and 256-bit encryption?
  2. Feed the world: sharing your digital content by using RSS feeds
  3. Display Hijiri dates
  4. Automatically forward scanned documents
  5. Putting a photo on a T-shirt
  6. Migration strategies for IT Pros
  7. Why should I use Active Directory for backup of BitLocker Drive Encryption recovery information?
  8. A blogger's best friend: Use the Windows Live Toolbar to blog about anything with a single click
  9. Security checklist for Windows Vista Enterprise
  10. Traffic (definition)
  11. Ink Crossword (definition)
  12. Lasso (definition)

* of course a number of caveats to this number

  1. This was for English content so not just UK.
  2. All the articles had very little traffic and ratings when compared to some others.
  3. Data taken from 1st Jan 2008.


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  1. Back in July I highlighted 12 Windows Help and how-to articles that had been given a 100% positive rating. 

  2. Since starting this blog I have occasionally posted about highly rated articles on the Windows Help and

  3. Every now and then I post up a list of all the articles that have been rated helpful by everyone who

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