Update – hard to find Windows Vista help and how-to articles

Just a quick update to my post http://blogs.msdn.com/robmar/archive/2008/06/27/hard-to-find-windows-vista-help-and-how-to-articles.aspx from last week.

So we are seeing some changes to what content is now being indexed (see table below)

Article Yahoo Live Google
Transferring audio from cassettes to your computer
yes no no
All you can eat music: Download all the music you want for the price of a single CD yes no no
Online fun in Windows Media Center-TV and News yes yes no
Creating an online cookbook yes yes no
What is Windows Live?
yes no no

So we saw the Live and Google spiders crawl the site on the days since the post, and we can see that 2 of the articles where now indexed by Live and no changes for Google.  So I have got my colleague Magnus to test what happens if a 2nd blogger links to the same content.  So we shall check back later and see if anything changes.

* I am not sure if Yahoo was indexing the content prior to my posting, but have added it to get a view across all the 3 search engines.

Also here are 4 more articles that are not indexed by the search engines:

I find the last one odd that it isn’t indexed as it is one of our most popular visited articles.


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  1. So last week I posted hyperlinks to 4 more articles following our original test the prior week, in an

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