This must be LIP week. 2 More Windows Vista LIPs Oriya and Bengali available

Yesterday I posted about the 2 new Windows Vista LIPs (Malay and Assamese) that became available over the weekend.

Well last night 2 Indian language LIPs where launched:

1. Oriya -  download

“Oriya is one of the official languages of India. About 90 percent of the speakers live in the state Orissa in the East of India, but there are also sizable communities in the neighboring states of West Bengal and Jharkand and, due to labor migration, also in Gujarat

2. Bengali -  download

Bengali is spoken in the region of eastern South Asia known as Bengal, comprising Bangladesh (where it is spoken by about 110 million people) and the Indian state of West Bengal  (where it is spoken by 55 million people). With more than 200 million speakers it is the second most widely spoken language on the Indian subcontinent and among the 5 languages with the most native speakers worldwide. Bengali is official language of Bangladesh, one of India’s 23 official languages and the official language of the Indian states of West Bengal and Tripura."

****Please note that above LIPs can only be installed on systems that run an English version of Windows Vista. ****

For more information on Microsoft's Global Development and computing try the portal at


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