Hard to find Windows Vista help and how-to articles

One of the tools we use internally to try and understand what is happening with our content on the Windows Help and How-to site is looking to see if any articles for whatever reason are not indexed by the major search engine (Google, Yahoo, Live etc).  And then try and find out why and improve our content and processes so that it is more discoverable.

Below are 5 such articles that at the minuet are not indexed by Windows Live Search:

So this post has 2 aims, firstly to highlight to you the content that is available and secondly as an experiment to see how quickly after this posting does the content appear in the Windows Live search catalogues.

Let me know what you think of the content.


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  1. Satisfy Me says:

    Tomorrow is Canada Day so a shout out to my friends north of the boarder as well as the many local Canucks

  2. So last week I posted hyperlinks to 4 more articles following our original test the prior week, in an

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