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I got an email over the weekend from one of my colleagues (Michael) who was pointing me to the new Microsoft Environment web site at  . So I thought I would check it out and see what it had to offer. 

After a quick search I was pretty impressed with the content and layout.  Of particular interest to this blogger was some of the Windows Vista content and links such as:

The Make an Impact section was particularly of interest.

In general I think Microsoft Gets it when it comes to greenish issues, but that shouldn’t stop us doing more to reduce our impact, watch the video about Microsoft environmental efforts  (13.6Mb).  On an individual level be that from reducing travel trips to getting the latest software as a download Vs on DVD.

As an aside my conversation with Michael I have been pointed to some great internal resources about Microsoft and environmental discussions and issues.


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  1. A while back I blogged about the Microsoft Environment blog since then I have been keeping up to date

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