The Weather on Mars. Track it with the Phoenix Mars Weather Gadget

image of Phoenix Mars Weather Gadget

Looking a bit chilly on Mars at the minute? We all love cool Windows Vista gadgets and here is one from the Phoenix Mars Lander that shows you the weather forecast on Mars, so you know to pack an extra hat or sunscreen for your next visit 🙂

Get the gadget here

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Thanks to nwhite on the WindowsVistaBlog


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  1. We all love gadgets don’t we? such as the weather on Mars gadget well whilst the Olympics are on you

  2. Cost(stand)s to assign itself, such question: but exactly right NASA, when it reported in 1978, given sent Automatic Interplanetary Station (AMS) Viking-1 with surfaces Mars, about local temperature, density, atmospheric pressure and chemical composition of the martian air?  After all, there is reliable information at the last years about that that then NASA intentionally, on instruction FBI and government USA засекретила information about presence on Mars sign to biological life, which Viking-1 has reported to the Land. Here, speech goes about found on surfaces of the red planet blue-green tundra herb, grovelling, birds, insect, worms, reptile and fish, dwelling in low-lying area, where atmospheric pressure, the temperature (at least once, day) and chemical composition of the atmospheric gas, correspond to that condition what required for existence of the organic life. Together with that, on Mars were discovered and architectral monuments ancient civilization, like terrestrial egyptian pyramids or гладиаторского кализея in Rome. It is Enough, remind of martian sphinx discovered in Kidonii, or for instance, about unique “city инков” located вблизи south pole of the red planet.

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