Buy Windows Vista direct from the Microsoft Store

Click for the Microsoft StoreFrom today you can now buy amongst other Microsoft products (such as Office and Expression), various editions of Windows Vista (full product and upgrade), direct form the online Microsoft store at or to go direct to the Windows Vista selection use

You should be able to buy the physical box as well as via a download.  This new choice of getting Microsoft products gives you the customer another way to get our products.

Rob 🙂

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  1. Ages ago I mentioned the Microsoft Store in the UK , well now there is a special promotion on that if

  2. I have talked about the Microsoft Store in the past a few times here (launch) and here (for the NSPCC

  3. My Colleague Chris has just told me that we have updated the Microsoft Store (AKA MSStore ) to allow

  4. I have mentioned the Microsoft Store before which is a great site for buying Microsoft Software direct

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