What was rated highly in March.

So a little later than planned, and following on from last months post here are the articles on the Windows Help and How-to that have the highest rating by you the customer.  All are rated 85% positively or better, the top one getting a whopping 96% rating which is great 🙂

  1. Creating photo panoramas with Windows Live Photo Gallery
  2. Convert your old photos to digital pictures: Using a scanner to archive your memories digitally
  3. Change how Windows Media Player looks using skins
  4. What is disk defragmentation?
  5. Certificates: frequently asked questions
  6. Understanding Windows automatic updating
  7. Introduction to computers
  8. Rip music from a CD
  9. Discover a feed
  10. Change how Windows installs or notifies you about updates

Some of these articles get very little traffic from UK customers, and I will need to look at how I can highlight/promote these on the site better.  The fact the panorama one is top was a surprise to me based on my earlier post this week, here and here.

The same caveats apply to this list as last month.

  • I cannot get a view of these ratings for UK customers, and is really based upon all English language sites.  Hopefully this will be fixed in a up coming release of our publishing systems.  It will be great to be able to see the what actually UK customers are saying Vs everyone.
  • I have filtered out pages that had less than 25 ratings.


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