London Office Panorama

Whilst outside the London offices, I took some pictures with my mobile phone (E650), with the plan of stitching them together later using the Create Panoramic Picture option using Windows Live Photo Gallery.  We have a great demo of this on the site at:

So only the train back from Paddington I created the following, it is not as good as I would have liked but nether the less it is worth showing.

msn office panorama

(Click on it to open up the full image 1.1Mb)

A couple of problems I encountered where (all my own fault)

1. the obvious not keeping the phone straight issue!!

2. there was actually 5 pictures but clearly the 2 edge ones didn’t over lap so Windows Live Photo Gallery ignored them

3. the camera only shoots up to 2mb, which these days sounds a little low

4. I should have done it in front of the big lamp post on the left

Doing this on a cramped train was actually easier than I thought, thanks to the very easy to use software, even though the end result wasn’t great.

You can get Windows Live Photo Gallery for FREE at

try it out 🙂


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  1. Spurred on by my poor effort yesterday , I decided to give it another go today, and wandered out and

  2. So a little later than planned, and following on from last months post here are the articles on the Windows

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