A day up in London

Just back from a day meeting some of my colleagues up in our London offices to talk about how we can work together better, to improve the overall customer experience whether they are visiting our more corporate sites such as Windows Help and How-To and http://www.microsoft.com/uk/windows or our more consumer focused sites such as http://www.msn.co.uk

Our suspicions are that customers are visiting one, both or more sites to get the same piece of information whether it be product information, demos, tutorials or reviews.  I sat down with various people who own sites, so a quick hello to:

Claire Jane and Nik – who look after the Tech & Gadgets section, there is even a Microsoft sub section tot his site where I think the greatest co-operation and place to work together is. They also have a blog at http://msnuktech.spaces.live.com/

Matt – who looks after the http://windowslive.uk.msn.com/ site, and he also has a blog at http://windowslive.uk.msn.com/

We are likely to just start of simple and share data on popular topics, upcoming items of interest and data analysis etc so hopefully over the coming months we will start to work together a little more.


Updated 16/04/2008 with the embarrassment of having got someone's name wrongsmile_embaressed, sorry Jane

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