Use Vista and be greener…

...well than using Windows XP.

Abid one of my colleagues sent out a link to this report

XP vs. Vista: Consider the Power Savings 

Enterprises with an abundance of Windows XP desktop PCs and laptops can reduce power consumption costs and carbon dioxide emissions by half in switching to Windows Vista. When considering a total cost of ownership analysis for a Vista implementation, IT decision makers should understand how the two operating systems affect power consumption and consider the savings.'

Some of the conclusions of the report include

  • The Vista Sleep state is more reliable than XP. Computers resume from Sleep in two seconds, which is about the same time it takes a screen to resume from Idle mode in Windows XP.
  • Power consumption reduction translates into direct CO2 savings. Carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by up to 67 kg of carbon dioxide per desktop PC, per year. For a company with 5000 users, this is 288 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions reduced.
  • Aero graphics have no effect on overall power consumption. Organizations should take advantage of Aero since it does not have a significant impact on electricity usage.

So another good reason to upgrade 😉

If you are looking for some good Windows Vista content on this topic then there is some good articles on the Windows Help and How-To site on this topic

  1. Troubleshoot power problems
  2. Change power management settings
  3. Power plans: frequently asked questions
  4. Conserving battery power
  5. Turn off a computer: frequently asked questions

We also have a UK press release from last month on the article and its implications


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