Just Installed IE 8 Beta

Looking at the browser breakdown of people visiting the UK Windows Help and How-to we are starting to see people using Internet Explorer 8 to view the site, sure it is a small percentage but since it was launched in February the numbers are going up.  So I thought I would install and a) see what it was like and b) make sure the user experience on the site was broken, and it isn’t.

I am not normally someone who jumps onto beta products on my main (well only) work machine, but in this case I was reasonably happy to because of the wonderful Emulate IE7 button image emulate IE 7 button which allows me to go back and see the page in IE7 if it becomes unreadable in the IE8 mode.  A couple of my favourite sites have a little trouble but nothing major.

Just getting up to speed on WebSlices and Activities.

Check system requirements and how to download IE 8.0 Beta (for web developers and designers) at the following link



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