March Most Visited and Tabbed Browsing

Last month I highlighted the pages on the UK Windows Help and How-to site that had the most traffic. I have looked at the data for March now and there really is not much change except for the inclusion of the Windows Vista SP1 pages.  Lower down is the list.

However looking at the data I couldn't understand why tabbed browsing was such a popular topic.  So after a quick bit of digging I think I have found the reason why. When you create a new tab in IE, you get a page with the following view...image

... and if you press the Lean more about tabs link it takes  you to the Internet section on the Windows Help and How-to site, which has a section on Using Quick Tabs at the very top. Mystery solved.

At the same time I clicked the Show more tab shortcuts link and found a useful set of shortcuts for use within in IE.  I had been wondering how to tab between tabs and now I know CTRL and TAB.  Why I hadn't thought of that in the past I don't know but it had always bugged me how to do that.

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March top 10 Visited Pages

  1. Tabbed browsing: frequently asked questions
  2. Reorganize your home page tabs
  3. Using Quick Tabs in Internet Explorer
  4. Find which edition of Windows Vista you are using
  5. Demo: Using the web
  6. Learn how to install Windows Vista Service Pack 1(SP1)
  7. Demo: Desktop basics
  8. Repair or update a driver
  9. Enable Java in Internet Explorer
  10. What's included in Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1)


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  1. When I looked at the data for April for the most visited pages on the Windows Help and How-to site for

  2. Following on from my previous monthly review of the most visited articles on the Windows Help and How-to

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