What are you looking for when you visit?

Well based upon a quick analysis of search terms sending customers to the Windows Help and How-To it is the following questions… I have also suggested a good link(s) to try and answer it.

  1. Tutorials: Try either the Learn Vista or Demos content sections.
  2. Windows Update 80200010: Normally related to your computer not being able to connect to the Internet and get updates, so good to check your network status first.
  3. Printer drivers for Vista: Windows Vista comes with some drivers, but in other cases you might have to go direct to the manufacturers web site to get the latest version.
  4. DMA Vista: Or Direct Memory Access for a definition or for instructions on how to turn it of or on.
  5. Windows Vista won’t shut down: Possibly due to a performance issue, so try this.

Hope you find those useful, let me know if you do not.

It was great to see the tutorials coming up at the top as this is one of the primary aims of the web sites to provide simple, easy to understand help and how-to content so you can get the most out of Windows Vista.

Couple of quick notes

  1. I have rolled up some search terms so search terms such as vista tutorial, Microsoft vista tutorial, vista tutorials into just one term such as tutorial.
  2. I have ignored the search term Windows Vista or Windows Vista Help, it does make up biggest block but that is what the sight is all about really so just visiting the Windows Help and How-To site is the answer, IYSWIM... and I really want to focus on highlighting the content.
  3. This is data based on March 2008 only.

I was a little surprised to not see anything about Windows Vista service pack 1.


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