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Yesterday I posted a list of the top 10 most visited pages in Windows Help and How-To for UK customers, but just because a page is visited a lot doesn’t make it any good, or in fact solve the problem you had that made you visit the page.  So today I have compiled a list of the top ten pages based upon positive ratings, again for February.

  1. Show or hide the Recycle Bin
  2. Don't take the bait! Internet Explorer 7 tools help you recognize phishing scams
  3. Certificates: frequently asked questions
  4. Understanding Windows automatic updating
  5. Open Calculator
  6. Introduction to computers
  7. Delete your Internet cookies
  8. Rip music from a CD
  9. Change how Windows installs or notifies you about updates
  10. Connecting your portable music player to your car stereo

A couple of points to note on the above list.

  • I cannot get a view of these ratings for UK customers, and is really based upon all English language sites.  Hopefully this will be fixed in a up coming release of our publishing systems.  It will be great to be able to see the what actually UK customers are saying Vs everyone.
  • I have filtered out pages that had less than 25 ratings.

So why is this important to me and you ?

  • For you, well maybe it will give you a view of some of the great articles on our web site and also maybe learn a few new things.
  • Well it help me understand what topics and articles are working and which are not and to subsequently try and improve the ratings by updating the content and trying to understand why they get good or bad ratings.  As well as get an understanding of the type of customer is visiting the site and there experience levels
  • It highlights to me those hidden gems or articles that get low volumes of traffic but great ratings and highlight them on the web site in the future and share them to a wider audience.
  • Also from the feedback including the text you provide in the feedback we can make improvements into the actual product itself, to make it a better experience for all
  • Lastly as being new to the role it helps me get further embedded in to the web site and understanding the site content and structure.


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  1. So a little later than planned, and following on from last months post here are the articles on the Windows

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